Michael McIndoe, the former professional footballer, who is probably one of the most talked about players, outside the Premier League.

Raised on the notorious Calders estate in Edinburgh, McIndoe battled through drugs and violent gang-life during the 1990’s. A series of events forced him to choose between his turbulent lifestyle and his love for the game.

The controversial Scottish left-winger went on to play in excess of 500 matches at ten English football clubs including Coventry City, MK Dons, Bristol City, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Barnsley, Derby County, Doncaster Rovers, Yeovil Town, Hereford United and Luton Town.  

The complex character is infamous for his honest appraisals and McIndoe certainly doesn’t hold back when it comes to revealing his experiences with some very well-known managers and teammates.

Michael McIndoe has been the topic of hundreds of high-profile newspaper articles accusing him of being the mastermind behind the biggest fraud to hit the British game. 

So what did happen to all those so-called missing millions? 

For the first time ever McIndoe speaks out.

WILDLING is his incredible life story...